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The foundation's goal is to keep Jhanae’s legacy going by continuing her service through youth outreach and mentorship.

On February 4th, 1998, Jhanae Ingraham better known as “Pretty” was born in Miami FL as the middle child to 4 sisters and 2 brothers.   Jhanae came into this world sprouting and observing all her surroundings and learning on the go.  There was not much you can tell her she could not do and she did not silently try to show you wrong.   At the tender age of 4 she started cheering and immediately developed a passion for it.  However, she did not want to be an average cheerleader, so she went further and took extra tumbling classes to learn how to tumble and flip properly.  Her passion grew as she continued to challenge herself more and more joining several Allstar teams, becoming cheer captain of her High School team, President of her high school senior class, graduating with her undergraduate degree from University of South Florida at 20, becoming the youngest accepted in her University of South Florida sports medicine graduate program along with several other accolades.  Her accomplishments and achieved goals came with a cost. 


Mental Health:  Although Jhanae had many accomplishments and goals she suffered silently with anxiety and depression. Growing up she had separation anxiety, but worked through it in order to attend college away from home. To get a handle on her anxiety and depression she returned home very often in order to connect to her foundation of family. Through her several periods of depression she used journaling, prayer and constantly staying busy as coping methods.  She constantly talked to her family members through all her periods of crying self-doubt and accomplishments. Although she was struggling with her own personal issues, she was a mentor and friend to many people and became their support through life.

She was actively involved as a cheer coach and choreographer working with youth daily. She often defended that Cheerleading is a sport and it had been her lifelong passion. She loved working with older children and mentoring young adults through sports and especially the sport of cheerleading. She was a dedicated cheerleader and even cheered in her senior year through the first football game with a pink cast on. She felt she was an example to her cheer team and as cheer captain she would not allow anyone to see her give up based on an injury.

Jhanae graduated in the top 10% of her class in high school. She entered college with several scholarships, but continued to work hard and worked up to 4 jobs at a time. Jhanae became a member of Alpha Kappa Psi, a business organization (Alpha Upsilon Pledge Class). Her love for fashion led her to pursue an opportunity to model for the organization FACES at her university. Jhanae continued her love for dance and step by becoming co-creator of the Untouchables.  Jhanae brought together many people through her dance performances.  Jhanae was a 2nd year graduate student at the University of South Florida studying to be an Athletic Trainer at the time of her death. In 2020 she was awarded a scholarship to assist her in completing her education based on her top academic standing in her program. She was considered by her classmates as a leader in her class and regarded as the spokesperson on several issues regarding educational and societal concerns. She was a motivator to her classmates and often gave positive messages to continue to be a support for her classmates. 

Jhanae was the middle child in her family but she was very mature for her age. She became a strong support for her siblings and often traveled home in order to be there for pivotal moments in her younger siblings’ lives. She would travel to her older siblings that were attending different colleges in order to support them. She was the person all would call for advice or just to cry to when things were not going their way. She would say that “she was the favorite”.  She was very honest in her advice and in her opinions while being an awesome listener. She was also a support for her other relatives in her large extended family. She would often organize family events because she was so committed to strengthening the bond of her family. She was so happy to see her family together and looked forward to the next family events as well as holidays. 


On Wednesday, June 24, 2020, Jhanae “Pretty” Ingraham was headed home to visit her family before going to her one month long internship in Pennsylvania however she was killed in a car accident in Sarasota, Fl. while a passenger in her boyfriend’s car at the young age of 22.  While sitting in traffic on I-75 exit 232 (Sarasota), a careless driver of an 18-wheel truck struck the car Jhanae was riding in, along with 9 other cars.  The chain event caused the car Jhanae was sitting in to turn directly into the oncoming truck and she was hit while the truck was going 68 mph carrying 70,000 lbs. of cargo.  She never had a chance to survive. She was not the only fatality in this accident, but she and her boyfriend were the youngest victims of this truck driver negligence. Her boyfriend survived with severe injuries and is expected to make a full recovery. 


Jhanae left this world leaving a legacy community service, mentorship, sportsmanship, dedication, and education. Her legacy of love and treasured memories will forever be etched our hearts.

Jhanae was an amazing leader with a natural light that shined as bright as a sunflower. Her smile effortlessly lit a room. She stood for many topics such as education, health, entrepreneurship and service.


She was a mentor to many as a cheerleading coach and financial advisor. The community can look forward to community events, one-on-one mentorship groups, interactive monthly meetings and more.




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