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Jhanae Sunflower Foundation is a non profit organization based in Miami, FL with a purpose to guide youth and adolescents through mentorship by promoting good health, entrepreneurship and community service.

The foundation's goal is to keep Jhanae’s legacy going by continuing her service through youth outreach and mentorship. Meet Jhanae here.

Donate now and be apart of serving the youth with adequate mentorship, quality knowledge, resources, and substantial skills. Your donations matter. 

Youth Outreach / Mentorship

JSF aim to provide meaningful youth participation that can enhance youth and adolescents sense of connectedness, belonging and feeling of being valued, which contribute to positive mental health.

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JSF seeks to increase the community morale and awareness to build stronger rapport with each other and foster new goals, life skills and opportunities for youth and adolescents.

JSF is excited to provide resources that would educate and motivate the youth and adolescents to fulfill short and long term goals that will create lasting happiness.

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