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INVERSUS Deluxe Free Download [hacked]




Think of each level as a board game where every turn can be countered by an opposing move. An 'invader' moves through the board in a line, overtaking every player in sequence. Levels alternate between two distinct types, creating a new and challenging experience every time. It's a game that's difficult to describe, but impossible to put down! ...and now the end is near, and so I face my final battle. My friend. My mother. And I am ready.- Bruce Wayne- Batman Character Select The blue character has 90 health and can deal an average of 110 damage per attack, will not die from a single attack and can survive in all colors. The green character has 80 health and will deal an average of 82 damage per attack, will die from a single attack and can only survive in the color of the opponent's character. Movement is constrained to opposite colors of the black and white color board. The invader moves through the board in a line, overtaking every player in sequence. Game Phases Regular phases (during both player turns) Regular game phases end if the invader enters the board (it can move through), or when a character reaches the starting position. Do not attack the invader Battle phase (both player turns) If a character is able to attack the invader, move to the next row and let the attacker move to the next position. If a character is unable to attack the invader, stay where you are. If an invader is forced to move to a regular phase, a new invader will appear in its place. Game Over (player turn) If all of a player's characters are dead or are unable to move for any reason, the player is immediately eliminated from the game. End of Game (both player turns) Both players are eliminated from the game if they are unable to move or if they are unable to stop the invader, so try to save as many characters as you can! At any point in the game, if a player is eliminated from the game, they will be eliminated immediately. If a player is eliminated before reaching the end of the game, they will still be eliminated from the game. In its first run on PC, Invader Deluxe was accidentally released to Steam early. After figuring out how to get the game to work, the developers implemented some changes in the




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INVERSUS Deluxe Free Download [hacked]

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